case studies

These case studies were solved using the problem-solution model

Mama Meka’s Kitchen

Problem: When she started her soul food business Tomeka Hunter only had business cards to hand out to customers who wanted to buy her food. She wants to reach a wider audience by displaying her food more to gain more customers however, she didn’t have any flyers to showcase her products on social media or in print.

Solution: In order for her to accomplish this goal, I decided to help her make a flyer to post to social media or print out to laminate for potential customers. I made the flyers based on her business card design (checkerboard theme) and inserted the red color from her logo to use as a secondary color.

Result: Mrs. Hunter and her co-workers were pleased with the flyers. They also liked how each flyer is customized differently to fit their needs of general promotion, full menu items, and catering.

Style Guide: Fonts used- Headings- Cooper Black and Myriad Pro
Subheadings- Monotype Corsiva and AR Berkley

Hex Color codes used- #CA3929 (red color from logo), #000000 (black), #FFFFFF (white)


Alpha Kappa Alpha COVID-19 PSA Video

Problem: The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Nu Nu Omega chapter reached out to me with a request. Since they’ve worked with me before on a video project, they wanted me to create another video for them in the form of a public service announcement or PSA. They wanted this PSA to encourage people within the community and surrounding areas to get a COVID-19 vaccine to combat the ongoing virus. They already had a script for the PSA written for a radio ad spot and requested to use the same script for the video.

Solution: I asked for three volunteers to say the script on camera. After a couple of revisions, a few smooth transitions, some images, and a white balance adjustment to increase the lighting, I completed the video.

Result: The chapter members enjoyed the PSA. They were pleased that the video was short, sweet, and to the point.


2020 Census Flyer

Problem: The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Nu Nu Omega chapter wanted a simple flyer to spread the message about the census as one of their engagement activities for their chapter. They had ideas of what they wanted on their flyer but did not have a person who could make those ideas come to fruition.

Solution: I offered to make a simple yet informative flyer that included all the information the sorority provided to me.

Result: After a few revisions, the feedback was very positive from the chapter after I presented the finished flyer.

Wilson Hall Middle School Homework Packet Pickup Poster

Problem: Due to COVID-19, students were not allowed to attend school in person. I overheard the principal discussing how they should spread the word to students and parents about homework packets and how they should be able to receive them.

Solution: I offered to make a flyer for the school to post on their social media page and to distribute around town to spread the message. I made it readable, simple, and informative with the information they provided me.

Result: The principal and other teachers loved the finished product once I sent it to them.


Census and Voting Video

Problem: The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Nu Nu Omega Chapter wanted to help promote the importance of completing the Census and using the right to vote and what it can do for a community. I volunteered again to assist the sorority accomplish its goal.

Solution: I wanted to create something that would help convey both the Census and the importance of voting that keep the audience engaged visually. After talking with a few members, we decided that creating a video would work. We both agreed this would be better than just making a simple flyer. I put together this video using DaVinci Resolve 16, B Roll, and pictures of a location that was a problem area within a community.

Result: The video turned out well. The sorority members enjoyed what I put together. It was shared numerous times on social media and widely reached the public.


These are various projects completed during the course of an internship

TRIO Upward Bound Article

I did some thinking and thought about writing an article that would be interesting for the TRIO program’s annual magazine.
Once my supervisor approved the topic, I decided to write about how COIVD-19 affected local high school graduates with a plan to continue their education.
Take a read.

TRIO Upward Bound Recruitment/Promotional Video

Looking on their website, I noticed that TRIO Upward Bound educational program for this college did not have a promotional or recruitment video to show how their program was awesome and helpful for students or how they took many educational trips.
I asked my supervisor and her boss if I could do one for them and they gave me the green light. After gathering some information, scheduling interviews with current and former participants, and putting in some long hours I finally put everything together. The video turned out amazing.
Take a peek.

University of West Alabama –¬†Division of Economic and Workforce Development (DEWD) Flyers

I created flyers for the Division of Economic and Workforce Development Facebook page. These programs that are for individuals of the community.

Sucarnochee Folklife Festival 2021

I took photos of this event for DEWD and posted these to their Facebook pages.

UWA – Division of Economic and Workforce Development (DEWD) Social Media

I scheduled posts and posted to DEWD’s pages (Alabama Black Belt Heritage Area and Center for the Study of the Black Belt) on Facebook. Posts ranged from flyers, announcements, and photos.